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Maia King


PhD Student

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8844
Room Number: GC425



Research keywords: Microeconomic Theory; Public Economics; Political Economy; Institutions; Networks, Clubs and Public Goods
Research supervisors: Dr. Allouch

Maia’s research is mainly on microeconomic theory, in particular economic networks and the political economy of development. Current research papers investigate welfare implications of the structure of networks with local public goods; and the role of information in supporting cooperation in networks with community enforcement. Other research projects examine the links between efficient collective action and political institutions in developing countries.

Maia has studied at the University of Cambridge, Birkbeck College (University of London) and the Université Catholique de Louvain. She has previously worked as an economist at the UK Treasury and the Liberian Ministry of Finance, and as a researcher and consultant at the Overseas Development Institute, focussing on public finance in fragile states.

Work in progress

Whom can you trust? Reputation and cooperation in networks

We use network theory to examine the extent of trust and cooperation between players in a community, when information about players’ reputations travels by word-of-mouth in the network connecting them. The model is based on Dixit (2003) and identifies two aspects of trust: players are trustworthy if others can communicate about them, which depends on cycles in the network; and players are trusting if they receive more information from the network, which is linked to a new measure of network centrality. 

To solve the model, we identify a new simple function to find the probabilities of information transmission between nodes in a network, based on the diffusion process of Banerjee, Chandrasekhar, Duflo and Jackson (2013).


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